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It was time for a different kind of advertising agency, one that is run by professional locals to create insightful ads. The idea was simple; revolutionize the way ads are made so we communicate with consumers in ways they have never experienced before. The idea manifested into Arab-Creative, a full fledged advertising agency founded to create revolutionary ads built on local insights.

Simple enough, but not simpler.
three words sum up our approach. Understanding, commonsense and simplicity. We start by understanding your business, your product, the brand, the history and, most importantly, the target audience.

It`s the first step we take. We become part of your organization, your partner. We then use the collective common sense of everyone in our organization. For us, common sense is the most neglected element in many businesses and brands, Most people feel they only need loads of research, date, hiring suits, fancy words and charts to make a decision.We believe it takes more common sense on top of that make good brand decisions! We use common sense plus understanding to deliver creative communication solutions for your brand. Finally, we belive in simplicity. The iPhone is powerful because it has one button. The simpler the communication solution, the stronger the message. Less is more!

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